Your CEO Knows Your Job Better Than You Do

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If you don’t want to be an overpriced, in-house ‘Kinko’s,’ then you need to rethink the way you work.

Whatever happened to the love affair between business strategy and marketing? There was a day, not too long ago, when every marketing professional inside an organization knew corporate strategy inside and out. These people understood that marketing’s role was to articulate and communicate that strategy. And they did it, expertly.

Somewhere along the way, marketing has lost touch with its original intent. Now–instead of being strategic thinkers–corporate writers are demoted to spending virtually all of their time churning out PowerPoint presentations, brochures, emails and on and on. Your talent is being underutilized at best–devalued at worst.

Blame the shift on technology (suddenly, everyone can be a creative expert). Or point your finger to the shorter attention spans of a new generation. Or blame it on sun spots, if you must. But recognize that it’s real, which leads corporate writers to two choices:

  1. You can continue to be the tactical workhorse who charges through an endless stream of one-off, disjointed projects.
  2. Or, take a page out of your CEO’s playbook. Be the one in your organization who understands your corporate strategy as well as any senior executive (perhaps even better, if you’re so motivated). For 21 tips on how to do it, please see this post.

Know why your business exists. What you do better than any competitor. Why any customer would care. How that translates into a compelling message. And how that message can best reach the right audience, at the right moment in time.

Want to be a better corporate writer? Be a better marketing strategist, first. Start here.

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