Tailor Your Sales Message to Every Audience

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Now Just One Brand Minute

Imagine every one of your customers and prospects lined up single file at your desk. Would you describe your business to everyone exactly the same way? Of course not. You’d tweak the message based on what you know about each customer.

The more relevant your message, the more effective it is. So you can say it less often–which means you spend less as well. 

I was reminded of this just the other day, as I was creating the sales message for a division of a $100+ billion healthcare company. Now as you might imagine, a company that size has a lot of different sales audiences. And each one has a sales message that’s tailored uniquely for that audience. Sure, the corporate brand is the foundation of that message. But at its heart are the advantages most relevant to each audience. The words written just for them–the music to their ears.

If you’re saying the same thing to every audience you sell to, you’re missing an opportunity to be more effective, while spending less money. Don’t be part of the noise–be the one thing your audience has been waiting to hear. Be relevant.

There’s your 60–see you next time.

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